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Whether you are marketing an established company or an up and coming small business it is more important than ever to have an effective website and digital marketing strategy that support your business objectives. If you aren’t asking about website conversions it’s time to get started.

SL Development will use proven strategies and tactics to help business owners yield better results. Our goal is to maximize the return on digital marketing investments and increase sales activity. A successful digital marketing campaign must include a plan to make sure a customer enjoys your website’s experience.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Your website needs to be in front of your customers when they are searching learning about your product or service.  We can get it there. With an organic strategy or search engine optimization plan we will make sure your site is technically capable of being properly indexed. Simultaneously we will help build a steady stream of relevant content to support and engage your audience while building more search relevancy.

When necessary a paid search or pay per-click model can help support your organic  strategy ensuring search enginge visibility for your most valuable phrases. With a dynamic search marketing plan we make it possible to build more business leads and conversions from your website.

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Page speed is an important factor for search engine ranking algorithms. Larger websites powered by WordPress have a tendency to run slow as a result of a range of factors.


When working with WordPress or other open source content platforms that offer plugins it is common to find multiple robots tags on page. If you cannot understand why a page


How to Find Technical SEO Problems on a Website Is a website you monitor suffering from any technical issues that are limiting organic search traffic? Keyword distribution, indexing troubles, sitemap configurations and other


One of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced doing SEO work has been overtaking a negative SERP for a branded keyword. In this example the branded keyword was returning a result from


With the rise in feature cards within SERPs (search engine result pages) it’s important to make some changes to your WordPress installation to prevent it from removing structured data or


It’s common that for one reason or another a website needs to install an SSL certificate after years of not having one. Wether its for taking payments or personal information,


Website Development & Design


The website for your business is the hub of your online marketing activity. It needs to be ready for today’s mobile user and provide a relevant and helpful experience for a visitor. Getting people to visit your site is always a core focus of any digital marketing plan but making sure the visitor takes the next step is the most important.

It’s not always a requirement to build a new website but it does sometimes require technical changes to support a digital marketing plan. Whether it’s small improvements or a new site development we have the experience and insights to help your business website work for you.

Website Design & Development