Paid Search (PPC)

PPC Advertising Services

At SL Development we stay on top of the latest tools available for paid search or PPC campaigns. We’ll help you with emerging ad formats, new site extensions, tracking codes and conversion optimization strategies. And to select and identify the best opportunities for paid search and develop your search marketing plan into a metrics-driven campaign. We manage and monitor your campaigns, maximize your results and take the burden of the details off your plate.

PPC is most commonly associated with Google Adwords and Bing Search Ads.


Paid Search Management

Start with PPC Audits – We review account performance and configuration, and craft a work plan for improvement.

Campaign Planning and Setup – full strategy and implementation. Our campaigns aren’t boilerplate and will be customized on your product or service, and market.

Support for on-going management is important to protect your marketing investment. Waste is easily created and can creep up on you. Our management approach works to minimize and eliminate it.

Keyword Discovery and Selection
We'll select keywords that fit your objective and budget. We'll refine keywords based on performance.
Ad Creation and Extensions
Effective text ads will be written. Extensions used to maximize visibility, with compelling ads.
Conversion and Call Tracking
All of our campaigns are configured to track conversions, calls, and/or purchases.
PPC Performance Monitoring
From bid adjustments to creative refinements, a pro-active approach to campaign management.
PPC Cost Management
Active monitoring and improvements to maximize your spend and create more conversions.
Competitive Research + Analysis
However much of the market share you hold, we can help define the competitive landscape.

Social Media Advertising

There are a number of social platforms that offer PPC advertising including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Platforms like Facebook Ads to provide you with some of the best audience data available in advertising. These products allow advertisers to create engaging content customized for every touch point in the conversion path.

We will help identify how social media advertising can support your digital marketing goals as well as align with other SEO and SEM campaigns that are running.

Month-to-Month Service Agreements

Customers appreciate month-to-month agreements and management fees that align with the overall budget. We work efficiently to offer reasonable fees for managing and setting up your PPC programs. Each project is costed separately to give you exactly what you need.

We focus on proactive and conversion-based management. Our goal is always to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.