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5 Tips for Writing Effective Facebook Ads

Facebook can be a great tool to generate leads & increase traffic to your website. Facebook’s 1.45 billion daily active users have become a huge market for business owners looking to advertise. However, it can be tough to stand out among the millions of puppy videos, DIY videos, and ads every day. So how do...
AdWords Optimization Tips for Beginners

4 Effective AdWords Optimization Tips for Beginners

AdWords optimization is important in having successful and healthy campaigns which lead to conversions and ultimately more sales for your business. Often, when people are setting up or monitoring AdWords campaigns, basic optimization steps are ignored. If taken, these basic steps could easily boost and help the account. Whether you are setting up a brand…

How We Increased e-Commerce Revenue 30% and Cut Ad Costs

How We Increased e-Commerce Revenue by Optimizing PPC and Paid Search We recently had the chance to work on a campaign to increase e-Commerce revenue for Google Search and Facebook Ads for a consumer electronics manufacturer. The client came to us with active campaigns but in a relationship with a vendor that had gone stale, looking…

Automate the Search for Unlinked Brand Mentions

How To Save Unlinked Brand Mentions in Google Sheets, Check for Links and Get More Traffic This process can help automate the search for pages with brand mentions and provide a scalable way to identify those that do not have links to your site. This process can build hundreds of valuable links over time when…