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Guide to dataLater Event Tracking with Google Analytics

When Google Analytics is setup via Tag Manager it will not pick up an event like this: ga(‘send’,’event’,’somecategory‘,’someaction‘) When including analytics with tag manager use the data layer to store the event activity and create a trigger in tag manager to watch for the event. We’re creating a listener for tag manager on the dataLayer to…

Use Screaming Frog to Find Multiple Meta Robots Tags

When working with WordPress or other open source content platforms that offer plugins it is common to find multiple robots tags on page. If you cannot understand why a page is set to noindex but wasn’t set by you, here is a simple way to find out if your site has multiple meta robots tags….

6 Basic Technical SEO Tips for Managing a Website

How To Identify Technical SEO Problems on a Website Is a website you monitor suffering from any technical issues that are limiting organic search traffic? Keyword distribution, indexing troubles, sitemap configurations and other tools from Google Search Console can easily shed light and help answer the questions on the table regarding technical SEO cleanup. Authenticate Site in Google Search…