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Automate the Search for Unlinked Brand Mentions

How To Save Unlinked Brand Mentions in Google Sheets, Check for Links and Get More Traffic This process can help automate the search for pages with brand mentions and provide a scalable way to identify those that do not have links to your site. This process can build hundreds of valuable links over time when…

Guide to dataLayer Event Tracking with Google Analytics

Google Data Layer Event Tracking Example When including Google Analytics with Tag Manager you need to use the data layer to store important event activity if you want to send custom events. Our example will demonstrate how to create a trigger in Tag Manager that watches for dataLayer for your event information. This listener in Tag…

3 Ways to Improve Page Speed Scores for WordPress

Page speed is an important factor for search engine ranking algorithms. Larger websites powered by WordPress have a tendency to run slow as a result of a range of factors. Here are a 3 quick ways to help speed up WordPress and improve page speed scores. Enable Compression in .htaccess An easy way to do this…

Use Screaming Frog to Find Multiple Meta Robots Tags

When working with WordPress or other open source content platforms that offer plugins it is common to find multiple robots tags on page. If you cannot understand why a page is set to noindex but wasn’t set by you, here is a simple way to find out if your site has multiple meta robots tags….